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Zuanzhuan offers the ultimate professional salon class hair styling tools and equipments for you anytime and every time.

Our flagship product “the rotating curling iron” is a revolutionary 3 in 1 styling tool that straightens, curls and polishes your hair to create the most natural and perfect hair style. This revolutionary rotating iron has more than 30 patents issued worldwide.

You can now own and create the latest fashionable hair style for every occasion in no time.  For hair styling tips and details please go to our Styling Tips video library.

The Instyler was designed and developed jointly by Zuanzhuan with Beverly Hills Stylist: Bruno Meglio and Claudio Marno, in conjunction with hair tools specialist Michael Ragosta and Dave Richmond.

8 Million units already sold worldwide with 30 authorized patents in which Zuanzhuan are being distributed in HK and China carried with certified safety approval. Now see for yourself for the New Zuanzhuan 3X Upgraded Collection and the Original Zuanzhuan Black Sea Gems Collection.

See what the world has to say about the Rotating Hot Iron. Click Here

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